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Wirtschaftswoche (Media Publication)

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Wirtschaftspsychologie Heute (Media Publication)

Vorsicht Ansteckungsgefahr: Eine Kündigung kommt selten allein

Arbeit und Arbeitsrecht (Media Interview)

„Der weiteren Konsequenzen sind wir uns noch gar nicht bewusst“

Interview zum Thema EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

HR Journal (Media Interview)

Best Practices: Wie HR die CSRD-Vorgaben umsetzt

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New Facts About Layoffs and RIFs

Financial Times (Media Publication)

Risk or opportunity? Pandemic leavers boomerang back to old employers

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Quiet quitters, snowflakes: Debunking generational stereotypes in the workplace

Automobil News (Media Publication)

Are you paid lower than your friends? What to do about wage compression

CNBC (Media Publication)

Found out you’re paid less than your colleagues? Here’s what you can do about ‚wage compression‘

Visier Inc. (Company Publication)

New Facts About Pay & Compensation

Harvard Business Review (Media Publication)

The Promise (and Risk) of Boomerang Employees

NeuroLeadership Institute (Company Publication)

Change At Scale: Design an effective organizational strategy with the brain in mind

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