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Turnover Contagion

Did you know quitting a company is contagious? Yeah, us either. Luckily, there are really smart people looking at data and making such conclusions. That’s why we invited Andrea Derler, Ph.D., principal, research and value at Visier, a human-resources analytics company, to the show. Visier found that when employees were laid off or terminated, the likelihood that their direct colleagues would quit was 7.7 percent higher than if those employees had remained. Ooooh, that’s juicy.

Deloitte Capital H

People Management and the new world of work

In this episode, host David Mallon is joined by Visier’s Andrea Derler and Deloitte’s Eric Bokelberg to discuss using data to make better decisions in today’s world of work.

Workforce Transformations Australia Pty.Ltd

„Studying Humans Behind Data“ with Andrea Derler

Andrea Derler speaks to us about what she has been finding lately that we can use to make better decisions relating to the humans in our organisations.

In particular, she discusses: the need for data capability addressing blind spots, turnover contagion, pre-quitting behaviours and the boomerang employee phenomenon.

Andrea Derler PhD is the Principal of Research and Value at Visier and conducts research on one of the largest data sets available, 17 million employees…and counting.

Q&A: Workforce trends and the analytics you should be tracking

In today’s increasingly complex world, acting on gut feelings is not always the best way to make company decisions, especially when it involves your people. Andrea Derler, Principal of Research and Value at Visier, shares what workforce trends leaders should be aware of and the analytics they should track alongside them. 


Recruiting Community: Pay Transparency & Boomerang Employees

Dr. Andrea Derler
Studying Humans Behind Data.

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